The staff and member clubs of Flying Club Manager have long been fans of the work being done at Live ATC.  If you haven't checked them out, you should.  You can listen to realtime air traffic control feeds from the USA and around the world. 

Good For Student Pilots

Among the many things a student pilot must master is effective radio communications.  Many students find this intimidating; mastering the jargon, timing, and effectively communicating a point without stumbling over and struggling to find the right words.  Often an unexpected question from a controller can throw a student pilot out of his/her routine.  Spending time listening to ATC can help with this.  The more time a student listens, the more familiarity and comfort is gained with ATC conversations.

Entertaining For All

Even experienced pilots will enjoy listening to the ATC feeds.  Listen to the pilots of the "big iron" coming to the airport nearby.  Learn from the mistakes of others.  Check in to see if traffic at your home airport is light and it is a good day to fly some practice approaches.  It's less frustrating than listening to the news or talk radio, and it makes you think of flying! 

FCMgr Provides Dedicated KMYF and KCRQ Feeds

In late 2009, Flying Club Manager initiated a Live ATC feeder site for air traffic at KMYF.  On 04/03/2010 we stood up a second feeder site for KCRQ. Tower, ground, clearance, and approach/departure streams are available on demand for both airports.  These streams are available both on Live ATC as well as here on FCMgr.

Listen Live - KMYF and KCRQ ATC

Listen now to one of the Montgomery field or Palomar McClellan ATC feeds.  Simply click one of the radio buttons below.  (Requires Java.)

Select Desired Frequency

Approach/Departure 124.35/119.6
Clearance 123.725
Ground 118.22
Tower 119.2
Approach 127.3
Approach/Departure 125.3
Ground/Clearance 121.8/134.85
Tower 118.6
Java MP3 player applet courtesy of jlGui